After the Rain Green Gemstone Bracelet

That lovely calm feeling after the rain showers have stopped.  Leaving misty green blades of grass and droplets of water on leafy trees.  It's nourishment for the soul. A sense of renewal, calm and peacefulness is in the air.

This bracelet is made with Green Aventurine stone beads and Riverstone. Mixed with sterling silver beads and a leaf charm with sweet details on the front and back.  A stretch bracelet that's easy to put on and wear.

Details at a Glance:

  • Green Aventurine stone - round, faceted - 8mm
  • Riverstone - round, faceted - 8mm
  • Sterling Silver Beads - 8mm, 3mm
  • Sterling Silver Leaf Charm 
  • Bracelet fits most - up to 6 1/2" wrist


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