Nancy Wallis, Owner & Designer

It all began with a passion to create beautiful jewelry. Jewelry that connects to my heart and soul and each made with love and purpose.  Gemstones are a key ingredient to my designs and are beautiful to work with. I love to hold them in my hands and feel their coolness on my fingers. Their natural and unique qualities in colour and shape inspire me.

I have lived in the city all my life and although I long for quieter, reflective moments I enjoy the here and now and breathe in the nature that surrounds me. I find those moments in my garden, watching the birds at the feeder and walks on the forest path. On the weekend, we head to our cottage in the farm fields of Prince Edward County. We slow down, drink coffee, cook together, create and build our garden and go for long walks on the sand duned shores of Lake Ontario.  We experience our surroundings, listen to the birds, stop at a winery (or two), visit some alpacas and recharge. I always find inspiration for my jewelry designs in this natural, beautiful landscape.

My connections with nature and travel, and trying to find the meaning in the moments of life, have inspired my new collections. I'm so proud to present Lakehouse, Veranda, Wanderlust and Lunar. A collection of Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets with spirit and meaning that will let you shine.

I have been designing jewelry and selling online since 2008. I’m proudly Canadian and I love knowing my creations are loved and worn by women around the world.