Nancy Wallis, Owner & Designer


Hello, I’m Nancy. My story began as a dream. Literally. A vivid dream I had one night of making a  delicate crystal beaded necklace with fine silver chain. The dream stuck with me and later that day and I ended up at a bead shop buying chain and crystals and some tools. Self taught I learned how to attach those beads to the chain with a few twists of sterling wire. 

It was the beginning of Wallis Designs even though I did not know it on that day. From there I practiced and honed my skills making many necklaces and earrings for myself and family. Within a few months I did my first market show and opened my online shop.

Making beautiful jewelry became my passion and I put my whole heart into each piece. I love working with sterling silver for its durability, timeless elegance and most importantly that shine. There is a clear connection to nature in my designs with my use of gemstones and colour combinations. One of my favourite things to do is find and choose the gemstones for my designs. I particularly love to hold the strands of gemstones in my hands and feel their coolness on my fingers. 

For me it's important to take in the moment and breathe in the nature that surrounds me. From time in the garden, to watching the birds at the feeder to dog walks along the shores of Lake Ontario. I always find inspiration for my jewelry designs in these reflective moments.  I am drawn to the colours of blue skies, tree lined paths and waves at the lake. I’m fascinated by the textures and multi colours of sand at the beach and pebbles at the shore. It is all these observations that trickle into my designs.

I have been honoured to have my designs chosen by the stylists of several network TV shows including Law and Order: SVU, Bones, Riverdale, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Y&R. It is a thrill to see something I designed on my TV screen. 

Living just outside of Toronto, I have been designing jewelry and selling online since 2008.  I love knowing my creations are loved and worn by women around the world. When you wear jewelry you love it reflects your beauty, style and confidence. It makes me happy to know that my story, my passion for making beautiful jewelry, becomes part of your story.

With love and gratitude,