Forest Pool Labradorite Gemstone Bracelet

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At first glance, what might seem just grey, lovely in itself, comes alive when the light shines on it. Underneath the surface the essence of the stone is revealed in flashes of moss green and blue. Labradorite really shows the beauty of the nature.

The labradorite gemstone bracelet has a free formed shaped stone framed in rhodium plating over sterling silver. It is faceted on both sides and is lovely how it catches the light and reveals some flashes of mossy green and blue much like the water in a forest pool.

This natural stone is imperfectly perfect. There are some grazes and tiny divets on the surface and this is all part of the natural beauty of labradorite.  

I've used a sterling silver chain with small and large oval links. The links are large enough that you can close the lobster clasp on any of the larger links for your perfect fit. The gemstone connector is light and fairly flat.  

Details at a Glance:
• Labradorite - flat oval shaped framed in rhodium plating - approx. 20 x 17mm
• Sterling Silver chain - 7 1/2" long.

Handmade in Canada by Nancy Wallis.