Take a Moment to Enjoy the Holidays

No matter how well intentioned or planned out, the weeks before Christmas always become so hectic for me.  The bustle of Christmas really exists in the Wallis household! In amongst the busiest time of year for me, Quarterly Month end pressures and late nights at the office for my husband and numerous essays and exams for my daughters, in my mind I'm also trying to coordinate and achieve a memorable family Christmas.

Christmas decorations photo by Nancy Wallis.


I think over the years, and especially as our girls are older and in University now, I've become better at realizing and accepting that Christmas does not have to be perfect and I'm not in charge of everyone's happiness. So yes, decorations are displayed, gifts wrapped and numerous cookies to be made are ideal but not always achievable three weeks prior to the big date. Not every table top needs a glittery branch or baubles presented in threes, well intentioned ideas of handmade gift tags may have to wait to next year and plates of 10 different kinds of baking fare may have to be reduced to some sugar cookies with sprinkles - instead of the royal icing beauties I've saved from pinterest.  It's true, maybe I won't be able to paint all the trim in the hallway before Christmas Eve and likely the floors will always need vacuuming.  

You know what? That's ok because Christmas to me is a whole lot of events all wrapped up into one beautiful memory for years to come. It's picking up the girls from the train station as they return from university. It's sharing a good story and laugh over a meal.  It's Christmas carols rocking the house while my daughters bake cookies. It's buying our dog a ridiculous looking festive collar.  It's family gatherings before and after Christmas and now one of the few times we see each other over the year. It's filling up a big bag of Christmas goodies and gifts for a local teen. It's running to the store last minute - yes, I can't get away from this and in some ways still enjoy it!  It's catching part of "It's a Wonderful Life" on TV. It's having the time for the whole family to go on a winter walk. It's reading in my pyjamas on Boxing Day. It's really all about the family, love and being together.  

Take a moment to enjoy Christmas

These ten days before Christmas I'm trying to take some time and enjoy the moment. Breathe in the fresh scent of pine as I brush by the Christmas tree (even though it is still undecorated), enjoy all the memories of each decoration as we finally have a moment to fill the tree and look forward to the sounds and mess of Christmas preparations next week.

Thank you all for reading this and supporting my business this year.  I appreciate every single one of you. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  May you enjoy the moments of this time of year and I hope 2017 bring us all peace, good health and may love surrounds us all. 

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