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Hello, everyone! I thought it was a great time to introduce myself again. Thank you so much for being here and reading this. 

I'm Nancy Wallis. I live just outside of Toronto with my husband and our spunky little dog, Rylie.

I've been designing jewelry for over 15 years. When I started Wallis Designs, my two daughters were young and it was a great way for me to create and work from home in between all my chauffeuring responsibilities (IYKYK!!). Now they are both in their 20s and living in downtown Toronto. 

My designs have a quiet simplicity and focus on the natural beauty of gemstones and sterling silver. I can get lost staring at the calming aqua colour of Chalcedony or the luminescence of Labradorite or Moonstone.  I love to feel the coolness of a strand of gemstones against my skin and feel the texture of a bead rolling between my fingers. Most recently, I love making gemstone necklaces by hand knotting each bead onto silk thread.  This technique itself is so rhythmic in the stringing of the bead, and tying of the knot, that I find it very calming and therapeutic.

Alongside making jewelry, I look after all aspects of my business.  From designing and running my website to taking all my product photography, creating graphics and packaging and shipping. Although some of the technical parts of e-commerce can be frustrating google is definitely my friend for these situations.

Along with being a Jewelry Designer I'm also an Interior Decorator and follow many creative paths including music and photography. 

I love making jewelry and I'm so happy that you love it too!










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