Happy 10 Years!

My little company is hitting a big milestone.
✨ It's my 10th anniversary and I'm pretty proud! ✨
Wallis Designs has been a labour of love. For me, starting a website and selling online only seemed a natural route to find a broader market for my jewelry. I had just discovered Etsy and it seemed a good fit so I opened my Etsy shop and my own independent website on the very same day at the end of April 2008.  I'm not sure why I felt I should do both simultaneously but that's kind of how I work. I had no experience but I just figured I would learn along the way. I'll never forget my first online sale from a complete stranger - her name was Alice and she lived in California. 💗


 Back in 2008 websites were not as pretty and sleek as they are now. They definitely were a bit clunky and hours were spent behind the scenes trying to learn how to do everything.  I didn't really know what a URL was at the time let alone SEO (search engine optimization). I navigated through it all by myself. There have been some ups and downs, learning curves and general frustration in the background but the pure joy I have for making jewelry always outweighed these challenges. Over time, I've also learned to embrace those challenges because that's the sign of growth and learning. 


I've had some pretty amazing accomplishments over the years. My jewelry was displayed at the GBK Gift Lounge prior to the 2017 Golden Globes, and most recently in January of 2018 my necklaces were included in the swag bag at the official Grammy after-party to celebrate Alessia Cara. My designs have landed their own brief moments of fame on seven TV shows and have been worn by Gina Rodriguez on Jane the Virgin, Emily Deschanel on Bones, Susie Essman on Law and Order: SVU, Allison Janney (that's Academy Award winner Allison Janney!!) on Mom as well as on Arrow, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.  It honestly is one of the most exciting experiences for me to see my designs on the TV screen.

I can't tell you how many people I've connected with through my business that have not only become long term customers but friends. I have also found such a supportive group of entrepreneurial women that have encouraged and inspired me. I have even come to embrace social media - at least Instagram - and to think Instagram did not even exist when I started! I thank you all for being there and supporting me along the way and joining me now in this celebration.💕 It means the world to me.

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