Habitat for Humanity: Hands on in the Community

Happy summer everyone.  The time is definitely getting away from me and my blog writing!  I'll try to catch up a bit!

In June I was so happy to participate in my first Habitat for Humanity build.  The Women in Power build was a week long initiative in the Oshawa area that brought women together to help their community by donating their time and labour. 

They divided us up into three crews.  Our first job was to level the lawn by removing debris, adding soil and laying the sod for the entire front yard of one of the townhomes.

Habitat for Humanity empowers low income families to break the cycle of poverty and obtain affordable home ownership. Their mantra is "a hand up, not a hand out". Qualifying families must participate and all those over 18 in the family must provide 500 hours of sweat equity.

At our lunch break one of the recent homeowners spoke to us about the impact that Habitat for Humanity had on her life.  The opportunity it gave to her and her family to own their own home. She was proud and driven and had just completed her college degree in culinary arts and was starting her own catering business. Her words brought tears to my eyes and although we were just a very tiny part it made me realize the impact of that one day. 

It was great to get out of my little bubble of my home studio. I met a lot of really, fun women and through the dirt, heat and sore muscles we shared a lot of laughs.

It was a hot and humid day and I was exhausted by the end but it was so gratifying. It felt great to get your hands dirty, hold a hammer and strike a nail all while helping the community.  

In true crafter fashion I bedazzled my hard hat in rhinestones!

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