Our Trip to Italy: Windows and Doors of Venice

In September my husband and I were lucky enough to travel to Italy.  We spent the first four days in the Puglia area, a quiet region in southern Italy along the Adriatic Sea. The last three days we stayed in Venice.  Each place we visited, each moment, there was so much to take in.  Italy is just so beautiful.  It has taken me a while to sift through my photos and I thought the best way to show some of them was to break them down into themes.  Today we'll look at windows and doors from Venice.

The city of Venice, in northeast Italy, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was founded in the 5th century AD and includes over 118 small islands. The architecture is extraordinary. I don't think there is a comparable city in the world. There are no cars or any kind of small vehicles in the city.  Deliveries are all done by hand with large dollies. It is a maze of narrow streets, alleys, squares, canals and bridges.  One of the best parts of our trip was exploring Venice by foot and inevitably getting lost.  Let me walk you through some of what we saw.

I couldn't get over the beautiful colours. Terracottas with deep blues and exposed bricks and just look at those beautiful striped roman shades.

Venice Italy

Thick wooden doors with rusted locks and a beautiful stone archway.

Venice Italy

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to see inside these apartments.

Venice Italy

 Love this delicious pink on the back door of a restaurant.

Venice Italy

It's amazing how close the water rises to the doors of the buildings. 

Venice Italy

Narrow laneways are decorated with pretty potted plants.  

Venice Italy

 Exposed terracotta brick with faded sea blue door. Layers of hinges to keep it intact.

Venice Italy

Rusted hardware.

Venice Italy

More gorgeous colours. I just love this verdigris green.  

Ah, I would go back in a minute if it was possible.

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