Breezy Summer Bohemian Style

June 10, 2015 1 Comment

As I write this, the rain and storms of earlier today have faded into the clouds and the wind is slowly releasing the sun.  The curtains are gently swaying back and forth with the breeze.   It's your typical, almost summer day here.  A touch of humidity still remains but the breeze upon my sandalled feet is welcome.  


I love summer for its uncomplicated dressing.  A flowy, light blouse, maybe my jeans if it's not too hot, or a jersey skirt.  Add to that a pair of beautiful green amethyst earrings and a grey stone stretch bracelet eased onto my wrist and I'm all set to go.  Simple, summer dressing.

What's your favourite go-to summer outfit?  Summer dress and strappy sandals? Shorts and tee?

Shopping Guide:

Floral printed top - Zara
Fading Mist Earrings - Wallis Designs
Grey Agate Stone Bracelet - Wallis Designs

A real benefit to this rainy weather is that our garden is thriving.  So are the weeds unfortunately, but if you just look at them in a different way and just consider them wild flowers or free ground cover you can really start to enjoy them as well!


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June 11, 2015

So pretty! I’m a tank top girl- over shorts, skirts, leggings etc. But I like a comfy summer dress too.

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