Milestones, Mumblings and Gratitude.

On the eve of my seventh year business anniversary I find myself unexpectedly nostalgic. I look back and think of the many things I'm proud of, happy because of and thankful for.  I've met many wonderful friends on the internet. Some close that I keep in touch with daily and many more that I connect with here and there but all are important to me.  If jewelry can make someone happy (and I believe it can) I'm so glad to be a part of that in your life.  Hearing from a happy customer can warm my heart and literally put joy in my step.  

When it comes to running your own business seven years is filled with a lot of emotions and feelings : excitement, happiness, pride, exhaustion, giddiness, discouragement, fumbling, doubt, determination, appreciation and gratitude.  In amongst all the joy of being surrounded by coloured beads and creating new pieces, I've also found myself bogged down in social media, trying to 'stay relevant' and losing my focus.  It's such a fine balance of time in finding your creative mojo versus marketing to have your creations seen.  It's literally the kind words of my customers that have brought it back into focus for me. Yes, having an online business obviously requires me to be visible on line and I will have to continue to navigate that side of business through twitter, facebook and instagram. Most importantly though, I've realized that I'm the happiest, and the most successful in my eyes, when I'm scribbling on the back of scrap paper with visions of new designs, engrossed in choosing beads, quietly creating, conversing with customers and friends and spending time wrapping up special packages. Through the ups, and especially the downs, of running my own business I am ultimately proud of what I've accomplished.

Celebrity Mother's Day Gifting 2014.

Seven years of a home business reflects not only the business but what's happening in the home. I couldn't have done it at all without the support of my husband.  No matter how small my achievements are he never makes me feel that they are insignificant.  In his mind, selling a pair of earrings is as big as a multi figure dollar deal on Bay Street.  My two daughters are a huge part of the reason for finding work that allowed me to be home with them. I could determine my own hours and I was available for dance practices and hockey games, homework and talks about life.  I was there for them as much as they were there for me. I am so proud of who they've grown up to be and what incredible, smart and caring human beings they are. They were young girls when I started and now Erica is almost 20 and Sydney will be heading to university next year. I know that next year is going to bring many changes in our lives.  My creative time is going to have to always include listening to music so I don't notice just how quiet the house will be.

These are my people. 


Seven years in business has connected me to people around the world that I could never have met without it.  I'm so thankful for all of you.  You have supported me in doing something I love.  You have allowed me to follow my dreams.  Your wonderful words have inspired and encouraged me.  You've made me dance the happy dance, fist pump my achievements and you've warmed my heart.  I am so thankful and I appreciate you.

In celebration of my anniversary, and all of you, I would like to offer a special discount of 30% off in both this shop and my etsy shop this weekend.  It includes all items!  

Please use the coupon code: 7YEARS in checkout.  (Works in both shops.)  
I'm also happy to combine shipping from both stores.

Sale is on now until Sunday, April 26th, 11:59EST.


Thanks for reading my ramblings today and sharing in my celebration.  I'm looking forward to this year and the gems it will bring me.



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Thanks so much Brigitte and Amy! ❤️


Happy 7 years to your beautiful jewelry and beautiful you!


Congrats Nancy ! Love your style, your work, and being connected across the miles! Happy 7 Years!

Amy J Mogish

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