Mala Necklace with Amazonite and Labradorite Pendant

This beautiful mala necklace is made with Black Gold Amazonite.  These smooth beads are in lovely earthy colours of mint green, with some cream, gold and brown. A larger Amazonite guru bead connects to two labradorite pendants. 

The 108 bead mala is traditionally used to count mantras while meditating. It is a beautiful way to set intentions and encourage conscious living and positive energy.

Made with love and intention these necklaces are very meditative and calming to make as each bead is strung onto the silk thread and individually knotted by hand.  

This extra long necklace is made with 8mm sized faceted semi precious gemstones and is approximately 40" long with the guru bead and tassel hanging down an additional 2".  It is a continuous string of beads with no clasp and the necklace just slips over your head. The labradorite pendants are 20x15mm and 15x9mm.

Often known as the stone of courage, harmony and truth. Supports self-determination and open mindedness. Dispelling worries, fears and anger and promoting balance. A strong stone for communications.

Labradorite is known as a stone of transformation. It is thought to provide protection against negativity. It strengthens trust in the universe and promotes a sense of excitement and adventure.

Handmade in Canada by Nancy Wallis of Wallis Designs.

Care: please refrain from wearing while showering, bathing or swimming. While not wearing keep your necklace in a ziploc bag to keep it clean and prevent tarnishing of the silver. Silver can be polished with a soft jewelry cloth when needed.