Mala Necklaces

Journey of Truth Mala Necklace

This mala necklace is made with White Lace Agate, Riverstone and Amazonite.   An Amazonite guru bead connects to the light turquoise cotton tassel below.

The 108 bead mala is traditionally used to count mantras while meditating. It is a beautiful way to set intentions and encourage conscious living and positive energy.

Made with love and intention these necklaces are very meditative and calming to make as each bead is strung onto the silk thread and individually knotted by hand.  

This necklace is made with 6mm sized semi precious gemstones and is approximately 32" long with the guru bead and tassel hanging down an additional 3".  The necklace just slips over your head and there is no metal which is good for anyone that has metal sensitivities.


White Lace Agate
Often known as a grounding stone and bringing emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It is healing and calming and can encourage acceptance of yourself and speaking your truth.
Often known as the stone of accelerated change. It will energize your aura and help you to move swiftly through any process.
Often known as the stone of courage, harmony and truth. Supports self-determination and open mindedness. Dispelling worries, fears and anger and promoting balance. A strong stone for communications.

Handmade in Canada by Nancy Wallis.